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From Jeff - Connecting Dots n Dates This Week.

Resident Brandon added a 2nd extension to Trumps EO 13848 last Sep 2022 so it remains in effect until Sep 11, 2023. Why was that specific date originally chosen years ago? Has foreign election meddling been corralled or will 13848 be extended a 3rd time? This post suggests Christmas will be early: American Patriot Trump EO expires on Christmas Day. September 11. Carry on. Maui fires started 8/8 (Lionsgate), just before the BRICS meeting 8/22. There are also large forest fires all around the world right now. Was Lahaina a message to the BRICS leaders that their cities could be next? Did the BRICS forgo announcement of a new gold backed currency and instead limit the dollar damage to inviting Saudi Arabia and a few others to officially join BRICS? The slow burn continues... Aug 22 - Ex-JPM trader gets 2 years for gold manipulation. Timing? Trump is scheduled to be arrested 8/24, today, on the last day of BRICS summit. Coincidence? Some mug shots are already circulating for a few of Trump's arrested legal team - don't look like official police mug shots to me. All have noticeable shadows which would not be present if a dedicated photo ID station was used. Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, and a smiling Jenna Ellis Mug: Then there's Prighozin's plane crash 8/23. Complicated. Was he a double or triple crosser? He took $Billions in DS bribes, announced a coup which failed, then continued work in Belarus almost as if nothing had happened. My take is that the DS wanted revenge and Putin helped him move to Galt's Gulch while cleaning out his real traitors. Clock's ticking on 13848 as the headlines get increasingly crowded. Will we get bigger headlines or a 3rd extension of 13848 before Sep 11. Hopium for Christmas... ============ Bonus Bites Ramaswamy appears to be Right Wing RINO Communist Nazi, that is, a WEF Young Global Leader from the class of 2021: An older Trump Re-Truth resurfaces - is it done deal? I think so. Hangings will continue in past tense. Sleepers will not complain when educated in the future about horrific crimes of the already executed. [Re-Truth] [Past Tense] [No Complaints]

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