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  • Jim Costa

From Jeff - Collapsed Fiat Systems.

Our current fiat system is like none other before.  We have a hybrid paper and digital fiat currency.  Most of the currency is digital.  The digital currency is controlled and monitored by computers - AI - Technology vs Humanity.

When you swipe your credit card digital currency is created or printed in an instant on your command over the internet.  We can all be fiat printers!  No need to contact the FED if working within the preset banking limits.

When the FED creates currency it is usually through Treasury bonds, bills, and similar debt instruments.  The US is now going through a Trillion bucks of credit every 100 days or so.  Almost all is inside computers, not in paper bills.

This is all overly simplified but the point is our "money" is mostly digital and inside computers.  The Banksters can manipulate the currency behind the scenes to fix problems in real time - Wack-A-Mole.  In the past when there was too much fiat paper money it piled up in worthless heaps in the gutter.  Today, within limits, too much digital currency in one place can be fixed by hiding it in investments, transferring it, or whatever.  The Banksters can keep today's system running for a very long time as we have seen.  It all boils down to trusting the full faith and credit of USA, Inc.

When everybody sells their bonds at the same time what happens to trust?  The collapse will be triggered by a collective decision of Alliance members beyond the manipulation of the Banksters debt based fiat currency system.

Stack On!

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