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From Jeff - Coincidences ? Elon Mausk?

There are no coincidences when it comes to the activities of governments and society. A coincidence is when you run into an old acquaintance from 10 years back and 5 states away. When the actions of governments, businesses, and the like cross paths and line up you can bet the farm it's no coincidental accident but you may have a hard time proving it.

In the latest Jim Willie interview linked at he said that US Treasuries were being gathered up for clearing in the United Arab Emirates, UAE. (Been there - strange place, culture shock.) Quayle said the Trillion$ in discounted gold purchased in one week was headed to Dubai. Dubai is in the UAE. Coincidence?

At the same time Fulford tells us that a fake King Charles snookered some Asian royalty out of a big pile of gold. Wouldn't a Royal holder of a big stash of historical and mysterious gold have eyes and ears on current news and events, like James Bond kind of stuff? Disinfo psyop - there are no coincidences.

Nixon was right, stopping dollar-gold exchange would be temporary.


Elon this, Elon that - Elon ain't Elon!!! [Robo-Elon, 55 sec] [Elon mask visible] [edited, original attached]

(Remember, Q told us to archive everything offline) [Robo-Royals, 30 sec]

Dead McAfee thinks Elon is on Version 6.0.

Allgire and Kerry think Elon is a Borg - jives with Robo-Elon video linked above.

The whole Elon/Twitter thing is a WH operation.


We are literally watching and living in a movie. The Truman-Trump Show is running non-stop until everything plays out and I'm not sure the truth will be listed in the credits. Some peoples heads might explode. After Jan 6, 2021, everything DC is pretty much deep fake. [Fake White House on FOX Fake News]

These times will be analyzed for decades or even hundreds of years. Biblical. History has always been written by the winners.

DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE AI. Like it or not, it's smarter than you, but to a certain extent, you can unplug it.

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