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From Jeff - Cinco de Mayan - Do Calendars Matter? (FYI Entertainment Only)

Overcome by time - no longer a prediction - past tense as of today.

A couple days ago I ran across a post that converted May 18th to May 5th on at least one ancient, semi-obsolete calendar. The Mayan calendar was mentioned in the mix. Can't seem to relocate that post to reread and link the details. Recall that Q and Trump have signaled 5:5 as being significant many, many times - May 5th?.

Anyhow, SGAnon answered my psychic call and just posted his own calendar conversion in a decode of Q-Post 3969:

"Durham start. Q OP start. 5:5?"

Which brings me to the reason I found all this extra interesting - see attached pic of Elvis at his last concert. Elvis is one of the alleged Trump-Assange-Presley cousins. Lin Wood, Flynn, and Patton might be mixed in there too. What a strange, long, trip it's been...

Continuing... Remember that "The DaVinci Code" was about the Illuminati (Tom Hanks of all people in lead movie role) hunting down the Jesus Bloodline - The Druze, Kahlooni, Lincoln, "Kennedy", Presley, Assange, and more. If it's true then it's stranger than fiction.

We are living in a fascinating movie of Biblical proportions...

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