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From Jeff - Chaos imminent...???

A world wide Sky Event happened last night and early this morning, a Blood Moon. It was the darkest eclipse of the moon I ever witnessed - the moon disappeared completely. In the past I have always been able to see at least a faint circle.

Many 17-ish telegram channels were posting that 5-17 was a big event date. Almost all have been deleted but this #45 is a survivor:

We have at least 4 notable Ezra posts for today, May 16:

1. Financial Chaos is imminent. If you are not prepared when reading this, you will become a refugee in your own country. All warnings have passed.

2. Durham is wrapping it up soon.

3. Ghost no more ( 10 sec video, real Durham? )

4. Watch Turkey. NATO will be destroyed. Turkey is the key.

What have we been saying about Turkey? [ links to #1, then scroll down ]

Bruce Willis recently announced retirement - I guess he's no longer needed for the Durham double.

Really feels like the Band-Aid is about to be ripped off...

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