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From Jeff - Breaking (Rumors) Update #1 !!!

As expected, HSRetoucher17 quickly edited or deleted recent posts about executions, etc. Now there are more. Continue from here and scroll down - read quickly! Again, some text pasted below since they won't likely last long. ==================== Alert Mission 10 Complete! [Camel Toe] 4:10 PM, D.C. ==================== Alert Mission 9 Complete! [Justin Castro] 4:15 PM, Toronto. ======================= Melania is the last girl friend of Trump She is acting because she is one of us Lady Di doesn't wear Melania dress ======================= Melania is Putin's wife [ Ho We Quap !!! ] [Note that Trump never kisses Melania on the lips.] [Also, Putin is a double - who is he really?] ====================== Those thought dead are alive (will rise) those thought alive are dead. ====================== My Comment: This movie is finally speeding up but there is still a ways to go. ====================== ====================== Changing topics - SGAnon adds to Panic in Congress: Are you beginning to see how Reconstitution always had to work? I certainly am. Through the Courts(optically). Through the Processes. Through the Levers of Power (post-suspension for 'redress') What happens if 1. SCOTUS (under military direction) rules on Brunson case, orders dissolution of 388 members of Congress/Biden Admin/Govt. Announcement would be 1/9/2023. 2. Trump wins Speakership in vote between 1/6 and 1/10 Who is next in line of succession if P/VP are gone? [PANIC]] IN DC ================== Over and out.

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