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From Jeff - BREAKING: New Election 2020/22 SCOTUS Case and more.

BREAKING: 11th Circuit Emergency Writ accepted to hear case to invalidate fraudulent 2020 and 2022 elections. "This Writ of Mandamus (Application) can be reviewed independently by Justice Thomas or referred to the entire Supreme Court. The applicant is seeking to invalidate and repeat Florida’s 2022 General Election (with a 2020 option). This gives Justice Thomas, or the entire Supreme Court, the power to nullify the outcomes of both the 2020 and 2022 election cycles for the entire country. It is worth noting that the 11th Circuit also has jurisdiction over Georgia." [A bit more at the link.] ============================= New York Supreme Court reinstates all employees fired for being unvaccinated, orders backpay. State Supreme Court found that being vaccinated 'does not' stop the spread of COVID-19. See also but note that Kerry mistakes SC of NY for SCOTUS: PROJECT CAMELOT THIS ARTICLE IS MAKING THE ROUNDS HOWEVER IT IS FROM 2022…. Ruling of the United States Supreme Court: Covid vaccines are NOT vaccines. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. won his lawsuit against all pharmaceutical lobbyists. Covid-19 vaccines are NOT vaccines. In its decision, the Supreme Court confirms that the damage caused by Covid mRNA gene therapies is IRREPARABLE. As the Supreme Court is the highest court in the United States, there are no further appeals and all avenues of appeal have been exhausted. [MUCH more at the link.] =========== Bonus Link:

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