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From Jeff - Brandon Impeachment

Marjorie Taylor Greene submitted Brandon impeachment paperwork in the House. Not sure if it was actual Articles of Impeachment or an opinion in the form of an official Resolution. Thinking logically, impeachment CANNOT happen until ALL the crap has gone down on Brandon. I am NOT following this closely but I am already aware of a few MTG points without doing any extra research:

She has some strikes against her but again I am not keeping close tally. For one she called for the breakup of the USA into Red States and Blue States - isn't that treason or sedition or something?

Marjorie Taylor Greene Commits Borderline Sedition

She has distanced herself from the MAGA movement and turned toward the mainstream RNC which is tainted. Most importantly she has, or is, a double/clone so she must be important. Is the original on a Galt's Gulch vacation or at Gitmo and gone forever?

"With Marjorie, you never know what is real and what is FAKE."

More from Lin Wood about MTG [start at bottom and scroll up]:

We are living in a DC Comic book...

p.s. This topic must be sensitive - while writing my desktop crashed with the mouse cursor changing and moving around by itself plus the buttons and keyboard no longer worked. Remote Desktop hijack? I already removed the desktop sharing app in Linux. I had to hit the power button to reboot and continue writing.

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