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From Jeff - Blurb Yesterday, Full Today.

This was actually posted last night. Some excerpts relevant to Ukraine winding down...

[Chinese sources estimate total Ukrainian losses at 680,000 people in the last 11 months of the conflict by the Ukrainian Armed Forces. This means that Ukraine has already lost the war. Taking 14- year-old boys and old men off the streets and sending them to be slaughtered won’t change that.

The situation has reached a point where even warming think tanks like the Rand Corporation are backing out of the war. It states that “studies of past conflicts and a close look at the course of this conflict suggest” that an “optimistic scenario is unlikely”.

The tanks you mentioned that we sent are very well equipped and we assume it’s some kind of technology transfer... ]

Will try to add my comments later. I have been spending my winter days on heavy duty outdoor chores that would otherwise be horrible in Florida's summer heat and humidity.

Response: Don't you know Mint Julips and Frozen Daquris were meant just for that?

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