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From Jeff - Blow Off Top? (Woo-Woo)

Dick Allgire's financial analyst recently predicted a rise in stock prices. Allgire himself suggests it might be a melt up including Bitcoin before a Blowoff Top. Allgire: Stock Market Shocker? [9 min] Snippy then has a dream about a rise in Bitcoin coupled with a giant ice cream cone. Lick Your Ice Cream is his code for take some profits. The giant ice cream cone prolly means take a BIG lick (or Get Out!). REALIST NEWS - Got my 1st Bitcoin dream today: [10 min] Last year Snippy had a dream about low single-digit silver and sub 1000 gold. Metals generally flash-crash during big bounces in stocks and underwater COMEX shorts use these dips to clear out losing positions. There are likely huge metal short positions still lingering on JPM's books after the 2008 crash and consolidation of several financial firms. If American Eagles are going to be used at face value in the future then metal prices will have to fall or reset below Snippy's projections in combination with a GCR. It's difficult to think that a billion or so bullion coins would be melted down and re-struck. Junk Silver could be used at face value or very near to it. In 2021 Whiplash told us that the target year for future prices was 1955 (5:5), the middle of the Bretton Woods era when prices were stable and before JFK events. ================= Meanwhile Godlewski gets into the Whiplash whipping. Finally a popular channel outside the usual QFS circle is posting about Whiplash (scams?). Many of the feelgood QFS/NESARA crowd worship Whiplash. Years ago the 17-ish channels told us to avoid Whiplash but those posts have long been deleted. Whiplash thinks Bitcoin will eventually crash to zero with global server farms being bombed into oblivion by Rods of God. Godlewski: "While I cannot confirm any of the above to be true (just yet), I strongly advise staying FAR AWAY from anything "QSI" or "LOBSTR" related. On the surface, this appears to be one gigantic scam, orchestrated by Whiplash, and others. I have no proof on that just yet, but knowing that Whiplash recently deleted all of his Telegram accounts is a major confirmation that what is said in the email above is correct. Gold, silver, real estate. That's the only thing you should be interested in right now." [includes pic] ColdWarPatriot: "Whiplash update. No word. Analyzing this to see if his account was infiltrated. No response at this time. I will follow this and if we have an update that will be forwarded. A true Patriot." Whiplash is still on Telegram but many posts have been deleted. He claims that Team 17 set up his channel, "Ok just had some issues. Had Ezra's Team set this Channel up. All good now." We absolutely live in interesting (and confusing) times... =============================================== ===== Breaking Addendum (Debt Ceiling?) ===== Kevin McCarthy just caved to the establishment as expected. Official announcement coming soon.

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