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From Jeff - Bill of Rights Movie(s) Playing Now in the US.

JewelyBlue noticed a very interesting trend among the various Q-movies we are watching and living - we are being shown...


Uh Guys…Our Constitutional Amendments 1-10. I just realized they’ve been playing out IN ORDER, starting with #1. The first 10 amendments, are the Bill of Rights, ratified in 1791.

#1 and #3 were what happened to us all in 2020 & 2021 bc of COVID-19.

#2 has been on fire the last 2 years.

#4 happened AGAIN 8/8/22 when a U.S. citizen’s home was not protected by “reasonable search & seizure” when the govt presented a warrant to a judge that was NOT based on “probable cause.” - Making President Trump’s recently filed lawsuit on the warrant being “wrongful, overbroad” & cites the 4th amendment.

#5 which may CONFIRM FUTURE DIRECTION😳 as it’s about citizens not being “subject to criminal prosecution and punishment without due process,” then states “private property is not to be seized for public use..” #TrumpArrest?

Concluding w/ #10 = Assigning POWER TO THE PEOPLE

#4904- Movies 4, 5, 6 - All [3] movies playing simultaneously?


See the images at:

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