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  • Jim Costa

From Jeff - Beginning of the End for US Corp? [ Trump War on Feds? ]

"Ezra" made a Q repost suggesting the Mar A Lago raid would be met with swift action and the FBI was in panic.

Could that swift action be the beginning of the end of FBI meddling across the states? Today FL Rep Sabatini (and likely DeSantis) threatened to sever ties with the DOJ and FBI. Theoretically the Act of 1871 DC corporation only has police power over DC and corporation land. It's been said many times that the County Sheriff is the top cop in any locality so the FBI should need permission from states and counties to operate outside of DC. If enough states kick them out eventually the FBI is forked and done. With no DOJ police the rest of the DC Corp would be in big trouble. The same tactics would need to be used against the other alphabet police as well.

Gaetz threatens to defund law enforcement over FBI raid

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