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From Jeff - Been Waiting for Someone to Say This...

American Patriot For those still lost and need clarification. Simply put. BRICS = QFS . Backed by Gold/Silver and precious metals. Huge part of NESARA/ GESARA. So, eventually the US will join BRICS, the "real" New Financial System with news coverage by both the MSM and alt-news. Meanwhile the "conspiracy theory" version is called QFS. Telegram posts by Whiplash347 suggested that Russia had been tasked to assemble the QFS. Various QFS charts show links and bridges being formed between ISO20022 cryptos and other financial institutions. American Patriot Banks not under ISO20022 being absorbed by bigger banks. Zimbabwe to introduce gold-backed digital currency: Note that Zimbabwe is extremely rich in natural resources. When they get released from Cabal oppression and metals return as money Zimbabwe will be a very wealthy country. =========== Other News Bites =========== SitRep according to Nino Rodriguez and his sources: [a long paragraph] ========== More "Missions Complete ============ Edgar Macron was arrested [Emmanuel ???] Edward Murdoch was arrested [Who is this ???] ============ Trump to make his "official" return to Twitter in June: [text screenshot] ============ Hints that the restored republic will have a Prime Minister instead of a Vice President: CBKNEWS We are going the change the system You are not going to choose President & Vice President You are going to choose President & Prime Minister

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