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From Jeff - Be Ready - Use Discernment (Shields Up). [Must See]

No hard actionable info except for maybe topping off the tank, etc. Snippy's psychic crypto predictions have been VERY reliable. This is different. Jsnip4 (2) - My Insider contacted me. Get Ready! Skip to 1:07:30 if short on time but read 8:00 below. Otherwise, start at 7 Minute Mark. Recap:

8:00 MM Snippy explains an older intel drop. Many months before inauguration insider tells him to look for Melania to address the nation. Months later she gives/posts a farewell address just before Biden "inauguration". Conclusion - BIDEN WAS SUPPOSED TO "WIN". 13:30 - Digression about a medical issue and frequency healing. 27:30 - Older Q Delta discussion relating to today's R v W events that reinforces insider(s) is legit. Interesting but can skip. 35:00 - Return to frequency healing discussion. Sounds like subset of medbed tech. 1:07:30 Get ready. Interesting (3-day) weekend. Pelosi stuff is not what it seems - we win. Over and out. The cliff hanger show must go on... ===================================== ====== ??? Related Info ??? ========= ===================================== There is currently a lot of chatter across alt media supporting something happening fairly soon. The number of 17-ish telegram channels keeps expanding with mostly the same info. A new Guardians of the Looking Glass video is requesting alt-media channels to sign up via email to help with rapid dissemination of information. Older Guardians videos have been deleted. Channel owners are instructed to copy videos and other info offline for reposting after a possible internet hiccup. GUARDIANS PREPARE - The Most Important Intel Released In Human History I believe preparations are being made to massively flood disclosure-declass info across as much of the internet as possible all at once. This will ensure that big tech censor bots are overwhelmed and cannot completely shutdown the truth - something like a denial of service attack. I assume The Cabal wants to avoid a complete internet shutdown since big business is dependent and more at risk than the little guys. When the DS froze the accounts of protesting Canadian truckers last winter it caused bank runs by the public and the Banksters told the DS to stop IMMEDIATELY. I just finished Sean David Morton's latest book, Sands of Time Book 4 Part 1 and am eagerly waiting for the next 1 or 2 installments. These books are likely what got him thrown in jail. They are reportedly truth in fiction and based on the manuscripts given to Sean by the time traveling head honcho of the SSP, Area 51, S2, S4, etc in the 2010 time frame. In Sean's interview with Kerry Cassidy last week he offered the manuscripts to her as he is likely dying of improperly treated cancer. Her response was that the transfer should have been kept a secret. Fifteen years ago I would have agreed that SSP deep woo-woo was total fiction. Now I am perfectly open to receiving firmer evidence and will not toss it into cognitive dissonance. The SSP dancing along the space-time continuum is likely causing the Mandela Effect which I did experience in real time. Breaking news of Mandela dying the 2nd time was disturbing and the funeral arrangements were totally bizarre.

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