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From Jeff - Bailout?

It was reported that this new bailout is in the form of loans from a newly created FED program backstopped by the once highly secret Exchange Stabilization Fund. The ESF has been used to manipulate The Markets day to day. The DS is being forced to tap what is likely their biggest and most liquid piggy bank (nest egg) to delay the house of cards coming down. FDIC and SIPC are not viable. I doubt the ESF can do very much to prop up the entire derivative market when it reaches the tipping point. Ammo drained = system crash.

Rob Kirby and other financial analysts were written out of the script after reporting too much about ESF operations.


The Awake have heard this NESARA Redemption stuff before but if you want to spend an hour hearing it again from a new face then click the link. Nick Veniamin hosts XRP Dave as he mostly repeats...

EBS, 3 to 10 day lockdowns, 24 Hr TV news about history, arrests, masks, executions etc.

What to expect - Phone call, currency redemption appointments, etc. Typical person with only US currency will enter it into a new account in the QFS. Accounts get boosted with cabal reparations according to age with brackets at 30, 45, and 60 years or something like that, plus... Everybody gets a "Heart Scan" to determine if they are dark or light.

Same stuff, different angle with minor details updated. Good for the drowsy and just waking crowd but still Greek for the sleeping normies.

Dave 'XRP Lion' Discusses QFS & EBS Global Explosion:


Enjoy the show... If ya know the bigger plot then you won't be having an anxiety attack so let others know too. Unfortunately most normies refuse to engage in any sort of reset conversation.

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