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From Jeff - Atlas Shrugged / Transportation Shutdown

What synchronicity! Just binged on Atlas Shrugged parts 2 & 3 this afternoon after watching #1 years ago.

We are all living through Atlas Shrugged as extras - live action role players or LARPs. Disappeared public figures like JFKjr and others are hanging out in Galt's Gulch while transportation and the economy are being shutdown by our tyrant communists, oligarchs, fascists, and NAZIs. How did Ayn Rand know? Was today's good guy reset plan modeled after her story? Part 3 even has an EBS-like scene towards the end.

Most or all of the actors changed for #3. From what I understand the hidden hands would not let the big name actors finish the series or maybe they demanded too much money.

Highly recommended. Been wanting to read the book but it's huge and I've already got too much on the bookshelf. All 3 Atlas Shrugged movies are free at Tubi with a few commercials. Tubi bandwidth was great today - no glitches.


Familiar faces are hanging out in Galt's Gulch:

Rush Limbaugh is the real Jim Morrison. (HSRetoucher17 repost)

Rush Limbaugh had to die because Jim Morrison is coming back. (HSRetoucher17 repost)

Same eyes and same mole by the nose. (HSRetoucher17 repost)



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