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From Jeff - Armadas, Empires, and Antarctica - Drip, Drip, Disclosure?

Last week Kerry and Nino disclosed that Juan O was in Antarctica - WTF!? Was it JJ, Wayne Willett or maybe both that went down?  I thought only A-List society names got to visit, like JJ.  If ya gotta choose a video then skip this one and watch the next.

Jaco hosts while Juan talks from the rear deck of a nice cruise ship (glass railings) while sailing home from Antarctica.  Juan tries to say he's in the Arctic in winter but Jaco outs him - he's in the Antarctic and it's summer down there.  Juan connects the woo-woo UFO related dots between a lot of already public info but it's great getting corroboration from a single source.  Antarctica is becoming the obvious tip of The Pyramid that hosts the Earthly portions of the global "AI" control program.  Juan points out Fitts and Farrell as great researchers.  Must see for alt history buffs.  Juan calls in late - he starts at the 16 min mark.

"Juan O Savin best reveal ever... what's going on with world events and the breakaway Nazi Antarctica group trying to control the world."

Dick Allgire points out the best part of the Tucker-Putin interview. Nations are not in control - something else has been ruling since the beginnings of human history.  Perhaps something in Antarctica?

"The Most Important Thing Putin Said To Tucker Carlson."  I smell "full" disclosure wafting in the breeze.  Perhaps Tucker is Trump's and Putin's secret (media) weapon?

There are recent videos on YT made from old looking B/W photographs of ancient artifacts supposedly emerging from melting Antarctic ice.  Real or photoshopped?  Predictive programming?  A couple of many examples:

----  Other News -----

From Michael Baxter - RRN:

"For those curious, I have been in the field, on the islands, Oahu and Maui, where I witnessed first hand the t military hearings of federal officials accused of exacerbating last summers fires..."

Coming news should be interesting...maybe RRN is more real than not.

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