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From Jeff - Arm Chair Movie Critic: Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran...

BPEarthWatch - Telegraphed OpSec/WW3:  At the 2 minute mark, "At least 10 militia members, some of those non-Syrian" were reportedly killed.

Key point, Iran was given advanced warning of last week's bombings using B1 bombers over Syria and Iraq.  Russia has a significant military presence in Syria.  No mention of Russian hi-tech weapons attempting to stop the huge and relatively slow B1 bombers.  What were the real targets?  ISIS, Al Qaeda, or the like?  Aren't those agency creations just like Hamas?  Did US B1 bombers essentially attack western agency assets?

Some Middle East Review:

Iran has never been a big aggressor but factions there have been heavily influenced by the western agencies that installed Shah Reza Pahlavi in the 1950's.  In the late 1970's the Shah was deposed but the influence of the agencies remained in Iran.

Leap forward to Obama/Clinton.  Didn't the agencies install Obama?  Sec of State Clinton was reportedly severely injured in a Dec 2012 plane crash in Iran while attempting a secret meeting, likely with agency asset Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.  On his way out the door in 2017 Obama gave Iran some sweetheart deals.  Iran has their own shadow goobermint.  They are all under agency influence behind the veils.

Step ahead to the 60 or so cruise missiles that Trump surprisingly dropped across Syria immediately after his 2017 inauguration.  Syria reported that none of their assets were hit and there was limited international uproar, particularly from Russia.  What were the real targets, assets of the agencies, ISIS, Al Qaeda, or the like?

Jump ahead to current events.  Did the Trump military bomb western agency assets linked to Iran in Syria?  If it was Brandon's military bombing sovereign Iranian assets wouldn't Russia have intervened?  For those awake the big picture should be obvious.  For those still a bit groggy the above should entice you to increase your altitude and expand your world view.  Looks like a proxy war between agency factions to me.

"You'll know soon enough..."  [Must see pic if you read this far.]

Note the 3rd wine glass in front - whose is it?


Bonus link.  This is somewhat out of character for this channel:

Jim's Response: The first link above, at the 2 Minute Mark, actually says "10 Militia Members', not "10 Million".

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