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From Jeff - Another Obvious Replacement - Birx

Has the DS run out of money, actors, and latex for masks? They don't seem to be using decent disguises anymore. Or, maybe it's the good guys signaling an end to this nightmare sci-fi movie or at least a major plot twist.

A sample pic of the original Dr Birx here:

Now See the new Dr Birx in a recent interview 2 days ago:

According to RRN Birx was executed last year:

Then add this, Brandon is dying! He's supposedly fully vaxxed, caught Covid (again), and is on Paxlovid, an HIV treatment. Will this wake people up?

I believe Sean David Morton predicted from months ago that a plot twist would occur Aug 9.

Response: If she was executed then that would explain why, in her new book, she gleefully brags about her and Fauchi making up the social distancing and face mask wearing science. Otherwise, her just published book makes no sense in the above statement.

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