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From Jeff - Addendum: Putin Has Pushed Europe Into... Red October???

Several weeks ago I read a post that read something like, "Red October, it's not what you think." Maybe it's not about a economics or a market crash but really about Russia, Russia, Russia!

It's looking more and more like the Reds are really White on the inside. Not only have the Cabal's economic sanctions on Russia backfired on NATO/Europe but Russia is now pushing hard truths out into the open. Russia will soon hold international MILITARY TRIBUNALS in Mariupol, Ukraine - Red October???

The ball is in your court Mr. Putin

Deep September

Red October is coming...

Many of the 17-ish Q channels have recently been attacked, deleted, reborn, and/or restructured. The new Christopher Miller channel featured above is labeled a Fan Channel but by appearances seems legit. Miller is/was Ezra Cohen-Watnick's boss under Trump.

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