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From Jeff - Add Some Willie To The Mix

Jim Willie started out very vocal until he got attacked and chose to bug out in Costa Rica. He restarted his Truther rants and got re-attacked, deadly seriously this time, so he pretty much clammed up and toned it down for years. Now he's baaack and bashing the Rothtilians again. The walls of personal silence are coming down across a wide swath of Truthers.

Jean Claude just hosted both Kerry and Willie at the same time. Kerry said the BRICS had been infiltrated (I don't think so) and Willie responded otherwise. Willie explained - I will keep this summary short and might miss some relevant points. Foreign held Treasuries will be sold off, initially in a controlled manner - Operation Sandman. Sellers don't want dollars - they want to get completely out of dollars. UST and the Fed have to come up with foreign currencies out of dollar swap (FOREX) agreements. The added expense plus exchange rate factors will result in steep haircuts of around 50% or more.

Sellers of USTs ultimately want gold. Soon, and maybe now, the usual bullion dealers won't want either USTs or any fiat currencies in exchange for gold. How will countries exchange USTs and fiat for gold?

Enter the Deep Gold Pockets (DGPs) of Russia and the Dragons (Chinese Elders, etc). Willie suggests the DGPs will provide a global public service by absorbing fiat and distributing small portions of their mega-hoards among countries that need and deserve it. On top of that the DGPs will likely accept USTs directly at a steep discount (Quayle?), and use them to buy seats at the global bargaining table when USCorp goes into receivership. Perhaps they will buy the entire table. Willie says they have hundreds of thousands of tons in reserves.

Along the way Willie goes off on the Rothtilians...silence no more. Much more at:


Also: Fulford says the Asians got snookered on a big gold deal. Could this be disinfo? Perhaps the gold is actually part of the plan Willie is suggesting. Perhaps this is the steep discount that Quayle was talking about - Trillion$ in DISCOUNTED USTs AND FIAT for Billion$ in gold??? Connect the psyop disinfo dots...

Sonic Boom - "They were killed by the FBI."

Don't forget - It's D-Day...

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