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From Jeff - Act Weak When... (Cancelling Bud, Target, & DeSantis) are strong. That is, "Walk SOFTLY and carry a BIG STICK," like President Theodore Roosevelt's foreign policy slogan.

I have to believe the WH's have more than a few plants in the ABC Agencies. The ABCs have plants in all major corporations. Perhaps the WHs are behind the BudLight, Target, and other marketing boomerangs. Could they be SOFTLY outing the corporations using a stack of control files on the executives as a BIG STICK? Remember, capitulating cabal members likely get to keep their legacy reputations in return for helping the WHs turn things around.

Christopher Miller

"...We have to cancel them just like we will cancel Target."


Meanwhile, over in DeSantis World, we have controlled opposition. The Dems want to use DeSantis as a Trojan Horse but may have to use a double/clone since real Ron might not be available. See screenshot plus links below. [edited - original version attached] [doubles - may load slowly]

Note that when serious dirt is dug up on DS actors there are rarely any defamation claims, "Let That Sink In!".

Similar story for AOC. I saw pics of her side by side with a double but neglected to screenshoot them.

======= Debt Ceiling ========

Yellen just extended the X-date for the Treasury running out of cash to June 5th. The next day is celebrated as the 79th anniversary of D-Day.

Did the officers planning and commanding the invasion of Normandy expect zero casualties? Of course not. Likewise today, the war with The Cabal is David and friends versus a team of Goliaths and casualties are to be expected. It took a while but I am now somewhat at ease about the WHs allowing all the vax issues and other collateral damage considering the Biblical magnitude of the situation.

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