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From Jeff - A message from Ghost Ezra...

Ominous message but I have to agree. Not sure if you should post it or not. My take is that the WHs are winning the social hardware battle but losing the spiritual software battle. I see many waking up to the criminal mischief in government but only a very, very few disconnecting from the Mafia's spiritual Matrix. A message from Ghost Ezra... [1 min video] Transcript: By now you should be able to see the big picture You see the system for what it is... You've Awakened to the Truth... And whether you like it or not, your life is going to change... I can't go back, can I? No...But if you could...Would you really want to? The information given to you was not for entertainment It was given for you to spread, and for you to prepare yourself for what is to come... This is your life we're talking about...You need to look deep within yourself and understand your true essence The only person that can prepare you for the future is you... I'm trying to free your mind... But I can only show you the door... You're the one that has to go through it... We'll try our best to educate and inform... Take what we share as advice and education... the truth lies within There will be many battles between those who oppress and the rest of us... However, the most immediate battle (and one they are winning) is the battle for your soul...

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