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From Jeff - 70% Threshold Reached (Godlewski Highlights) and more.

Today I suffered through another long Godlewski Live from May 12 to get a few minutes of interesting news. The news starts with an extraordinarily high profile Cabal personality dying earlier in the week but the name could not be revealed. Very bad news for the Deep State. At first I thought Soros but then he said it was by suicide. Remember this was last Friday, May 12th. My next guess was King Charles (double/clone). He gives a couple hidden clues which I believe are Oranges plus King/Queen being mentioned in the discussion. The Mafia used oranges to signal a hit/death but that would not be suicide. The video starts with a mosaic of Godfather movie stills with The Oranges. Maybe it's the Pope (double/clone)? Several have said the Pope would have a bad May. Don't expect public release for a while. Next he says O Savin told us the Military needed a minimum of 70% awake to the election fraud before they would take public action to straighten out 2020 - we are now at 72%. The Military wanted no part in an open civil war. Between now and June 20th there will be a barrage of events that should help awaken half of the remaining 28%. There was no detail of other topics outside of the elections when giving percentages. Remember that Q told us about 5% would be lost forever. The Oranges - May 12th, 2023 [about 75 min] [Good stuff starts around minute 32.] Soros gets a Red X: A guillotine was used on Mr. Soros. Will be a very short reign. [Charles III] =============== Durham report likely one of the EVENTS mentioned by Godlewski to help awaken the sleeping 28%. BREAKING: Special prosecutor John Durham concluded that “neither U.S. nor the Intelligence Community appears to have possessed any actual evidence of collusion in their holdings at the commencement of the Crossfire Hurricane investigation.” Full Durham Report - 316 pages: ================ W.H.Grampa Forwarded from Real WHGrampa Keep your eyes on the news this coming week .. Later in the week .. especially Friday .. but may be sooner. Hint: A laptop .. but not Hunters laptop.. [Frazzledrip ?] You won't regret it 💥BOOM💥 If the good guys wanna use July 4th as a celebration marker then it could be a very hot May and June. The craps gotta go down on Brandon and SOON! Banks, Wall Street, petrodollar FRNs, Crossfire Hurricane/2020 and more - that's a heap. But, it'll prolly be more of the same - a very long movie... W.H.Grampa Just remember .. It's a marathon not a sprint

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