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  • Jim Costa

From Jeff - 7 Kingdoms - The Alliance ???

For quite some time many 17-ish and other channels have been pushing a theme of 7 Kingdoms in our future. The big 3 were always obvious but the top 7 Alliance members have finally been posted by JFK_Q17.

Areas in parenthesis are a logical guess at finer details.

USA (UK, Canada, Mexico, Central America, Australia ???)

Russia (Europe, North Asia ???)

China (Myanmar, Thailand, Pacific Islands ???)

Saudi Arabia (Africa, Middle East ???)

Brazil (South America ???)

India (Near East ???)

Korea (N/S Reunited ???)

If anything like this actually comes to fruition it's prolly 5, 10, or 20 years out. In another 100 or 200 years without The Cabal we could have a benevolent one world gumment, a Type 1 civilization that represents planet Earth in the solar system.

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