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From Jeff - 7-11 Narrative Shift?

Anything specific happen on 7-11? The 7-11 posts started months and years ago but there was a flurry on 7-10 this week. Here's a few: [scroll down 11 posts] [scroll down 4 posts]

The biggest changes I found on or immediately after 7/11 were the shift in the Zelensky/NATO narrative, the release of some metals pressure, and Top Marine General Berger's resignation which could signal a change in military activity.

"...a clench of his clammy palm can cost a country's leader their job, and a nation its national budget." [collage of X'd Out Leaders shaking hands with Zelensky]

"NATO have turned their backs on Zelensky."

" was a massive win for humanity. I’m not sure if public perception played a role in NATO’s decision-making process..."

"BREAKING: The Marines are without a confirmed leader for the first time in more than 160 years."

Those who have followed Jim Willie for a long time know that a limited WW3 has been in the planning for over decades - UKRAINE. Only after 7-11 did I realize that Zelensky actors played such a big role in The Plan. Did Zelensky actually fool Western/NATO mid-level minions into sending massive support or were they just following their scripted parts? The WHs had already

de-fanged public leaders years ago with Trump's World Tour, Vatican raids, etc.

What does a peaceful but fractured world do with the Western Cabal's global inventory of mostly obsolete weapons? Leave them in Afghanistan? Send them to a tiny and controlled WW3 in Ukraine to be used as real world test targets for new Russian weapons? Same with the world's mercenaries, pay them in FIAT to fight, die, and disappear on both NATO and Russian sides? A carrot and stick fake war resulting in real attrition - EFFIN GENIUS. No more glut of weapons or trained mercenaries for a chaotic WW3 during the Crash and Reset. Shutdown DUMBS, biolabs, and human trafficking centers while they are at it.

Old school tanks and armored vehicles are obsolete. Ten minute video shows low cost Russian missile-drones taking out mobile armor at will.

"death & weapons real/WAR FAKE & CONTROLLED"

On the metals front open interest silver at the Crimex is now at a low and prices are stepping up. Are we starting Bix's Silver Dollar Days? At $1 per market day it will take about 2 years to reach $600 silver. Or, is the recent spurt just more of the usual pump and dump? Time will tell.

What a comprehensive movie...


p.s. To the commenter on Flat Earth - how does that Southern Cross work for finding South??? Crickets...

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