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From Jeff - 3x Entheos Topics - Stocks, Pieczenik, and Exit.

Entheos was an early truther outlet with many successful predictions indicating inside information. He/they went quiet for a few years but postings are now prolific again on multiple channels. ------------- Captains Chair "Please don't miss this patriots" (Sep 30, 2022) Lo-res pics at the link. Pay attention to dates for timeline context. The pics are fuzzy - probably intentional to force spending time studying them. Text may be easier to read in the video linked at the end. Decode on your own and see if you come up with something different. A. Trump posted a graph of an earlier NASDAQ mini crash and rebound. B. Entheos annotates and reposts the graph with comments, "Glad we had YOU and not CROOKED in the CAPTAIN'S CHAIR when the INVISIBLE ENEMY invaded. ...This line would bring down the house at a future rally sir & be remembered for generations." C. Another repost is included: "DO NOT PANIC: When the #StockMarket Goes Down Below 20,000 Remain Calm - Everything is Going To Be Reset & There Will Be Volatility - Short Term Disruption Will Eventually Lead To Long Term Stability - We Have One Of The Greatest Minds in American History in The Captain's Chair." D. Also, I remember one of the 17-ish channels telling us not to sell anything back then. And more recently - take money out of banks. My take: Entheos is telling us the good guys will prevent a total stock market crash during the banking crisis but expect volatility. Listed companies are not the problem. It's fiat, debt, derivatives, and the corruption of the financial infrastructure. The companies need to survive in the end to carry on with debt relief, new management, and a reformed market system. Good guys to throw wrenches into the Cabal's well oiled crashbox. In short he is saying HODL - Hang On for Dear Life. Star Trek clip - Captain Kirk receives order to return to base for decommissioning of The Enterprise (stock market crash). Spock's response, "If I were human, I believe my response would be Go To Hell, if I were human." Kirk orders a new course, second star to the right (market up 2 notches instead of crashing). Super V Captains Chair [4 min] --------------- Steve Pieczenik The real life Jack Ryan? Missed this one at Before It's News back in 2017 but now resurfacing. I always believed most of what Pieczenik had to say but he seemed to be a VERY dark character. Maybe a more complete explanation of his escapades will come out in print or video after the reset. Tom Clancy and current events ---------------- Exit Ramp Closed A US flag with black stars was recently displayed at a Trump rally. Derek Johnson said it was a signal to the DS - last chance to surrender. Apparently Entheos agrees: "They had a reputation for overthrowing nations through color revolutions, but they knew that instant, they made a fatal mistake. This time they walked into the wrong republic." EXIT RAMP CLOSED [1 min]

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