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From Jeff - 2020 and SCOTUS

There is lots of chatter about Texas, Arkansas, and Wisconsin decertifying the 2020 elections and more states coming. At this point nothing is official, just statements by GOP, assumptions, or whatever. Santa Surfing put all 3 in one post:

Godlewski thinks a bunch of states will officially decertify all at once forcing a SCOTUS ruling and public military action. Specific discussion near the end at 1:20:10.

July 7, 2022 is being pushed out hard across MANY 17-ish channels as an important date for something: [ note channel bio - 07.07.2022 ]

IMO the Roe v Wade topic is being used to draw out the organized protestors and crisis actors in order to expose, identify, and track them. That is, make the DS reveal their riot ammo. Perhaps they will expend a good bit on R v W leaving less for 2020. After Sep 3 federal election data for 2020 can legally be destroyed so the 2020 clock is ticking down.

By waiting as long as possible the DS will have no time to make any changes to their existing plans. But if nothing happens by Sep 3 I will feel stabbed in the back by Team Q.

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