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From Jeff - 17 Cities - One Event.

Shadow of Ezra: 17 Cities. 1 Event.

(Ohio Chemical Shroom Cloud pic)

Is this suggesting a similar derail/spill/fire event for 17 cities? Seems like there were 6 or so derails this past week plus the central FL plastic fire and AZ tanker truck spill but not all in major cities. In a recent video Jaco said that the White Hats likely diverted the Ohio FF event outside of a major city. Can't remember who, but someone said a pallet of rail frogs (derail devices) was reported stolen several months back.

The 17 cities were posted Sep 2022:

1) New York City

2) Los Angeles

3) Chicago

4) Philadelphia

5) Washington DC

6) Houston

7) Nashville

8) New Orleans

9) Charlotte

10) San Francisco

11) Detroit

12) Seattle

13) Atlanta

14) Las Vegas

15) Baltimore

16) Boston

17) Miami


It appears that the main17-ish Telegram channels are under attack with hackers adding posts (mainly Trump Coin ads, etc) or completely taking over. (complete takeover) (response to attacks)

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Per Miles Mathis ( (pages 3-6):

French emergency response publication on vinyl chloride says smoke from fire would be white (page 11 of PDF):

Images show black smoke:

And, they look fake, too.

We have been lied to about countless disasters: Manson murders never happened, Dahmer murders never happened, etc. Mathis does a peerless job of reading the Wikipedia accounts and the public domain photos, showing the illogical events, staged photos, incorrect shadows, etc.

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