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From Jeff - My 2 Cents on the Bridge Theory. [With Reply from Jeff]

Updated: Apr 1

On top of the various theories on container contents I'd like to add that it's been reported that several Navy (some civilian - Merchant Marine) transport ships including 2 HUGE, nearly 1000ft, cargo vessels were trapped in the harbor.  It would be tough for the Navy to support a near term WW3 expeditionary force without serious heavy duty sealift capacity.  "Two Of The Fastest U.S. Sealift Ships Trapped By Baltimore Bridge Collapse":

Note that the trapped vessels have large cranes that can help off load the container ship or move debris if necessary.  How convenient.

Clif said it would take 4 years to clear the shipping lane.  He is smarter than that - WHY THE FEAR PORN?  It won't take anywhere near 4 years if the right peeps are on the job and it looks like they are Johnny On The Spot already.  The Navy keeps specialized equipment and divers on READY STANDBY for salvage/rescue of warships and submarines in trouble.  A few bridge sections should be a good training exercise for these guys.  Aside from waste and corruption this is one reason the military is so expensive.  These assets are rarely used but must be READY TO GO at all times like the fire department and insurance policies.  "Navy salvage ships are in Baltimore to help after bridge collapse":

The military is the only way.  Cause problems - offer solutions.

Open your mind to the possibilities...Game Theory.


Jim's Response At the 33 MM, Clif agreed with Lara Logan that it could take 4 to 5 years to replace the bridge. Then he says it could take a year to get the tall crane ships moved into location and clear the debris.

My recap says:

"3) That bridge is a main North South artery for moving goods out of the harbor. It will be about 4 years before it is replaced.    It will take a year to get the big cranes on ships to appear and begin clearing the port."

Reply Back from Jeff -

Okay, 4 days versus 1 year to get cranes on site.

Until all bridges in the east are closed there is no immediate CRISIS in ground transportation.  Inconvenient yes.

Main point - DS side of the military lost immediate access to 2 large transports that could be used for near term WW3.

Clif has an agenda of some sort - what is it?

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