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Doug’s latest interview with Simon Parkes, 3/19/2021 [Recapped]

63 Minute Video [This new link works better]

0 MM He discusses the availability of the med beds. 6 MM They discuss on the continuing rescue of kids from the tunnels.

7 MM The reason Trump wanted the wall was to stop the children from being brought in for sex exploitation. 9 MM the children are commodities.

10 MM Trump was on the verge of sending in troops into Mexico if they did not curtail the child trafficking there.

15 MM Back from 3 minutes of commercials.

The detention centers at the borders are at 800% capacity now.

17 MM "Any world leader that meets with Biden will lose their next election."

20 MM "This [Biden] situation can't go on any longer."

21. No point in meeting with a temporary person like Biden.

22 MM Discussion of Sidney Powell still pushing court cases through.

24 MM Parkes is certain that the good guys will prevail over the evil people.

28 MM Back from commercials. 30 MM When you plan to take back a country you have to insure everything is done right.

32 MM When Trump returns he will sign a trade deal with England to overcome Biden refusing any trade deal with them.

34 MM When we get our country back we must all get involved in governmental oversight. 40 MM Back from commercials.

41 MM There are two locations that need changing: The Capital and the White House. They need to be knocked down.

43 MM D. C. is a foreign country within the U. S.

44 MM England is now consumed with Covid fears. England is in a difficult shape now.

46 MM Discussion on the royal family of England.

Ends at 50 MM

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