• Jim Costa

Doug Billings & Simon Parkes 26th April 2021. [ Recapped]

59 Minute Video

2 MM Simon: The bad people still have a long reach [to harm you]. A lot has happened the past week that is good. The CFS Is working well. 5 MM The bankers are suffering because the wealthy are pulling their money out to hide it. 6 MM Trump will return after the Military has returned the country back to the Constitution. Then it will be handed back to Trump.

7 MM Billings said Italy is investigating Obama for money laundering. Parkes: The Italian government cut a deal with trump and sold the Vatican out to save Italy. Information on laundering through the Vatican was revealed by Italy. 8 MM Simon: The Catholic religion is not at fault, it is a few evil men there. 10 MM The Vatican was moving money through a 70 mile tunnel to Switzerland.

$34 Quintilian in gold and treasures were hidden in that tunnel and was seized for humanity investments. 14 MM Simon discusses his upcoming U. S. tour. 20 MM Med Beds: Simon says he has 34,000 unanswered emails about this. He has no help at this time. But be patient. Emails will be answered but will be delayed. 25 MM Discusses speech in Utah last weekend by Lin Wood where he spoke highly about Q and also discussed child trafficking.

28 MM Billings spent time with Mike Lindell. Simon says the Arizona audit will be over this week or next week at the latest.

30 MM Simon suggests that there are good Supreme Court Justices in the court and were told to just keep their heads down until really needed.

31 MM The two General Flynn brothers are both playing vital roles in all of this.

34 MM Discusses Covid.

36 MM countries knew this was a biological weapon and so they overreacted.

39 MM There are many spineless leaders around the world that are doing as the medical frauds are telling them to do.

40 MM Discusses Australia & New Zealand and their Nazi like shut downs. Their lock downs are what happened in Nazi Germany. 44 MM The Quantum Financial System is the key to changing the world and it is online. People need to learn that system. 45 MM End

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