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Doug Billings And Simon Parkes. [Recapped] Recorded last night. [Must See]

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

43 Minute Video


2 MM Parkes intros himself. Both parents were in intelligence.

He was invited in by U.S. military in 2013. Contacts made. He is not a researcher. Information is passed to him. 6 MM Q explained. It started with military to clue in the public, then transferred to the people. It is a core group with another group of Anons.

8 MM Q: Is Trump Q? A: Q is a stand alone movement.

10 MM Italy: No new development on that now. Unknown if the Pope i arrested. Possible he is dead but using holograph to present him. He is definitely on arrest list and is probably trying to cut deal to disappear.

12 MM Arrest list is about 200,000 they can realistically to be arrested worldwide. The key is their money is held in the Vatican bank. Now known the source of funds. The persons are household names.

15 MM When will we see arrests? 700 arrests of low to medium rank persons to date. The Biden family? If you know you are the winner you don't have to act until the 19th.

19 MM Trump will be inaugurated privately. Watch Pompeo transmission frequencys. All actions now are covert but after the 19th they will be overt.

21 MM The Democrats are in fear. Parkes dos not think Pence will not permit the 25th Amendment use. Trump is not in panic.

23 MM Chaos at Capital: Mayor did deal with the security police to allow Antifa in but others used the mayhem to grab Pelosi's laptops. They may have just been souvenir hunters and later turned in the laptops.

26 MM Is Iran a target? Yes unless it steps back from the brink now. Tanker ships now have mines attached and Iran is in trouble if they do not pull back.

28 MM Will Martial Law and Tribunals happen? "Yes & Yes." If MSNM fails to broadcast Trump they will be shut down.

30 MM Is Lin Wood a kook? Lin Wood is giving 100% truth although he is passionate.

31 MM Sidney Powell? She is being held in reserve to take the lead in Court Martials.

32 MM Is Mike Lindell (My Pillow) telling the truth? His answer is yes, Trump will be reelected as the military will se to it. THEN the evidence will come out.

34 MM Military Highest Ranking leaders? There have always been 200 retired generals in the JFK group. There is no doubt the military will support Trump. There may be a problem of city cops being loyal to mayors. But keep in mind carrier groups of both coasts. The CIA and FBI will have to decide quickly who's side they are on. 37 MM Eye on private airplanes. That is why there is a curfew in Canada now. Good guys are watching.

38 MM John Roberts a bad guy? No but a family man afraid of blackmail.

39 MM Any new news? Insurrection Act signed two days ago but put in a drawer. Tuesday at 9:00 AM, EST it was handed to the Generals. "The Eagle Is In flight."


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