• Jim Costa

Dear Jim: Your thoughts on Epstein.

Simon Parkes reported long ago that Epstein was taken to safety right after the fact. Peeps in green uniforms picked him up. Like Flynn, he knows which closets hold skeletons...

Ghislaine prolly blew a few chunks as well. See 1st attached pic - obviously photoshopped but don't miss the details and background. Maxwell ON A LEASH. Available for TRADE. CERTIFIED PRE-OWNED. 2nd pic shows that the "Good Boys" (also photoshopped) are behind her.

You already know my thoughts on Biden - he's a double/clone and likely already gone - the ULTIMATE Trump Card. Controlled opposition - prolly dead opposition, like McStain.

Fraud vitiates everything - fruits of a poisonous tree. So, if Pence is actually a double/clone then Trump can't legally use him as President of the Senate. Something else... like clearing out Congress...

We definitely live in interesting times...


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