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Dear Jim: Your Post Today.

Hi Jim,

I wanted to say thank you for posting Jordan's video and then your thoughts on that and beyond. I have felt exactly the same way as Jordan but also completely agree with what you wrote afterwards.

This is indeed the most difficult time ever, as we wait for something "real" to happen to confirm what so many of us have been thinking and talking about for so very long.

But then if something "real" (i.e., arrests and military tribunals, MSM actually reporting unbiased journalism, the end of the bullshit essentially), would we be able to actually believe it? With all of the CGI and photoshopping, possibility of clones and doubles, etc, how will we ever know if it's THE TRUTH that we are seeing?

Your thoughts on this? Please feel prompted to post your thoughts regarding my questions.

Not Another Snowflake from Oregon


Response: We are now living in an insane world as if we, the only sane persons, are locked in an insane asylum. What choices would we have? I see only two choices: Move to their insanity or hold on strongly to our perception of reality.

It will take years for us to learn the truth of the insane world we are now in but that is not important. What is important is for us to focus our thoughts on what we wish our future to be and create it going forward. Whether Kim Jong-Um really has long hair instead of a flat top does not matter in the least in our future creation that we control. When we take full control of our County we will know we have arrived. We will no longer need the press to steer us or validate us. This is how we get past all that bullshit - we ignore it and move on. We should no longer lower ourselves to be in the company of liars. We don't adjust to the lying, we end it.

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