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Dear Jim: Your latest rant (Vatican Pronouncement).

First off, thanks for the many, many times you’ve provided info and acted as a consolidation site!

Regarding point E (the world Elohim), I’d suggest reading Mauro Biglino’s book “Gods of the Bible”. Clif has referenced Biglino a few times (although mistakenly refers to “The Naked Bible” which is more a book about this book).

In Hebrew, the word Elohim is plural (-im suffix). So it is used either as a collective noun or as a … selector (like saying “Yeah, it was the German who did it”). Bigllno gets into this quite a bit in the book.

F) Again referring to Biglino, the Hebrews were one particular “chosen people” - those “chosen” by Yahweh - one of the Elohim.

J) Typo - “Milf” … which was amusing when I first saw it.

Thanks again, and keep up the good work!


Response: Thanks Ben I made the correction in "J",

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