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Dear Jim: You Are Brilliant!

Just listening to a Captain Kyle audio. Don’t know anything about him. First time listener. Attaching below (I’m only half way through). Listen particularly starting at 38 minutes through 43 minutes. Key points:

Debt was paid off over Thanksgiving weekend 2020 by Trump using gold confiscated from Vatican, among others. Physically happened at the International Criminal Court in The Hague. Representatives of all Central Banks were present. Trump paid off the debt with the confiscated gold. CBs immediately criminally charged with crimes against humanity with evidence presented by Trump. Gold reconfiscated under EOs allowing for such in the case of crimes against humanity. Trump returned the gold to the Treasury. Only one more brilliant than you for figuring it out was the Trump team for executing it. Whether true or not, it should be made into a movie!

Best, Mary

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