• Jim Costa

Dear Jim: Wouldn't You Want???

QUESTION OF THE DAY: In order for Trump to justify The Insurrection Act

Wouldn’t he need to have Barr look like he was not doing anything

Wouldn’t he need to have the FBI look like they were not doing anything

My answer would be … YEP you guessed it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So if I was president and close with the AG I would instruct him to look

like he was not doing anything… I could move all the court cases

easily to the military side.

Also and I believe most importantly

Remember the Dec 17, 2017 ‘executive order’ for human rights abuses …. And how that works !!! doesn’t it say ‘if the AG (BARR) and Secretary of Treasurer

AGREE that a human rights abuse occurred then ‘they’ could effect the

punishments ????

Seems like it would be very easier to effect the Insurrection Act then

mess around in the civil courts…. Wasn’t that what they wanted in the first place? Jack

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