• Jim Costa

Dear Jim: Why Judy Byington Post Today?

With regards to your recent rant about not trusting the people/sites as much, why do you keep posting Judy Byington's stuff?

She just keeps pushing activities and dates that never happen or get proven.

What parts of her "info" are you gravitating toward?

I, for one, wouldn't trust anything related to banks "helping" the 99%. They have no motivation in doing so.

That is probably why I resonate with Ron Giles site so much since he gives information regarding how to prepare and to focus on the results you want.

I'm glad to have a front seat to your transformation. You're just as tired as the rest of us, I think, in the timing of all this.

I have to continuously remind myself to focus on what I want, from the inside, rather than allow outside sources direct my life.

Have a great evening! Reggie

Response: I posted her last night because Trump just dropped a bomb that might break open the timeline. I am looking at anything anyone says regarding what Trump did yesterday. Judy was the first horse out of the gate. She may get lucky.

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