• Jim Costa

Dear Jim: What Mike Adams Failed To Say Today.

On the Mike Adams report this morning, it was stated

"On Dec. 16th he (Trump) declared one year continuation for Human Rights Abuses and allows seizure of their assets. This goes after the GOP and DNC for pedophiles and voter interference."

The Continuation of the Executive Order for Human Rights Abuses which does allow for the seizure of assets if the Secretary of State and Secretary of Treasury agree…. What was not posted was that the also includes the definition of a human rights abuse to include;


This is what lead to the Executive Order in the next year that gave amnesty to the government employees and officials who were ordered by those above them to do a corrupt act. If those Government officials came forward and told ‘all’ they were given amnesty.

The amnesty EO expired on December 31 of the same year (2018) AND as a result we now have some 190,000 sealed indictments in the courts (which as a matter of reference those indictments are effective the date they are placed in the courts and according to Rules of Evidence stop the statute of limitations from running even though they are opened up later).

The white hats have this 100% Happy New Years !!!!! Jack

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