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Dear Jim: West Nile Virus Next?

Looks like the next scamdemic may be on the way. See 2 Ezra posts from March 10-11. Scroll up. Mar 10 - Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation releasing genetically modified mosquitoes in Florida and California. Mar 11 - Unexplained deaths of birds including crows, kites and pigeons in Pakistan's cities indicates the presence of West Nile Virus (WNV), which is spread by a species of mosquitoes and cause West Nile fever in humans. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation? West Nile virus - Symptoms, Diagnosis, & Treatment ??????????????? What to Do ??????????????? Those who follow current events via Telegram have probably seen a proliferation of Kennedy channels. Many of these are pushing products like Trump Coins, Meticore supplements, and Home Doctor books. At first I thought Meticore was a scam but after taking a deeper dive I have concluded that Meticore is likely a name-branded version of Quercetin which is available from any health food or vitamin shop. Some of the Meticore websites lay it out in a marketing graphic. Carefully study the graphics and text and see if you reach the same conclusion, Meticore = Quercetin = Covid cure. Zelencko graphic only:,width=525,quality=75/ Full website ad: So, what to do? Keep the Zelencko Protocol on hand for the next scamdemic just in case with Azithromycin if you can get it. COVID PREPPERS DO NOTHING - You already have this stuff on-hand, right?. The Kennedy/Trump/Q Team are telling critical thinkers as much as they can without being blatantly obvious which would bring big media attacks. Gates warned us that another pandemic was on the way. Trump told us there were effective therapeutic alternatives to big pharma. The future belongs to those who TAKE CARE OF THEMSELVES. Sounds biblical, eh? Just say no to the nanny state. Note that Meticore is being marketed as a weight loss supplement as well as a cure for illness. ------------ Trump Coin Commentary ------------------ Cheap and affordable Trump Coin memorabilia are being offered via the Kennedy Telegram channels. They are suggesting people buy large quantities and pass them out to family and friends. Most of these are silver PLATED and some include a tiny bit of gold flash. I believe these coins are being pushed cheaply to the conservative masses so they will have at least a little bit of silver when metals reprice in the future. If Clif is correct that tiny bit of silver plating on a Trump Coin will eventually be worth something significant. If you have spare cash just buy some silver rounds. Jeff

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