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  • Jim Costa

Dear Jim: well, really !!!!!

On his top-rated, cable-news show recently, Tucker Carlson blasted the Democrats' "Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act" because the House-passed bill "instructs the FBI ... to monitor Joe Biden's critics." Also, the FOX News host insists the far-left legislation was "designed to be abused" by federal law enforcement agencies:

"Typically, the parties argue about things. ... But one thing they don't do is use law enforcement to crush, harass, arrest voters on the other side. Because that's not democracy; that's tyranny. But we've just moved one step closer to tyranny. In fact, we may already be there, thanks to what the House is calling an 'anti-domestic terrorism bill,' as if murder wasn't illegal already."

Watch the entire segment from "Tucker Carlson Tonight" by clicking here


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