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Dear Jim: “We Need A Real Revolution In This Country.

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

I read this in a chat room today:

There is no doubt in my mind that we need a real revolution in this country. But I'm afraid that we've all become too soft and weak to put up any kind of fight. I've heard where some idiots are planning on voting against Trump because of the "problems" that he brings with him. It doesn't matter that its all caused by the democrat/communist party. Many fools say they've given up on voting all together. Wimps and cowards. Maybe they deserve what they get, but not our children and grandchildren for generations to come.

We need to stop our infighting and waiting for the "perfect" candidate to come along and ALL get the best candidate. Quit falling for slick talking politicians that promise to take care of us and start supporting and electing conservative candidates that put our constitution and our country first.

Response Made:

Perhaps the strongest driving force in humans is the Ego. We will do anything to protect it, at just about any cost. Because of that the most common fear in humans is rejection. I read a book by Michael Lerner titled The Politics of Meaning. In it he discusses that we have been "accustomed" to expecting everybody to lie to us. It is so prevalent in us that it is considered bad manners to call someone on the lie. He said it is so expected that "if an angel came to earth and decided to stay and raise a family that the angel would be forced to lie in providing a living for them. The lying is so rampant that it would even pervert an angel!" Lerner's solution is when someone looks you in the face and lies to you act as if that person just vomited on you and walk away from him. Now, getting back to "we need a real revolution". Isn't that what is happening now as each day more of the majority of the world's population is acting as if the CABAL is vomiting on us and walking away from them?

Must the Revolution be violent?

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