• Jim Costa

Dear Jim: Videos too long and don't listen to them anymore.

I wish someone could email and or respond to Mike Adams and others, Health Ranger......videos, they are too long and I don't listen to them. Like you said before you didn't want to post long videos you told me that I sent you to post. I totally agree with you. But now, everyone is talking and talking.....get the the freaking point and quit blabbing so much.......I am burnt out on all this stuff now, so are most of my friends. They say the same thing. They are losing their message by going on and on.........just get the the chase, we have other things to do and going blind watching long vision has decreased in the last year badly and my hearing is also have heavy ramifications whereas before, both were! Hang in their, waiting for the fireworks any day now...........Adam

Response: I totally agree with you Adam. I am reminded of a book I read on how to brief cases. It continually pushed the reader to remove unneeded details and get to the true issue. In the last chapter the author cautioned that the boiling out could go too far. He told of a Judge that asked a criminal defendant before him if he wanted to make a last statement before adjudication. "As god is my judge, I am not guilty." the defendant said. The judge's ruling was "He's not, I am, you are."

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