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Dear Jim: Ukraine.

Hi Jim

Here's what came to mind, after watching the new Gonzalo Lira video. In my opinion, he's the best voice of news covering this shit show.

You'd think we'd be hearing tons and tons of negotiations to put an end to this. If Ukraine, NATO, USA, EU, etc. were intelligent, they'd do so immediately. I highly don't [think?] Russia will stop, after they take the entire country of Ukraine. Guarantee NATO, USA, EU, etc. want further expansion of war, as it's evident in their actions.

Sorry folks. This is all smoke and mirrors, the proverbial manufacturing of a "menace." TPTB crave having an enemy for the obvious reasons. The US is chomping at the bit for a Gulf of Tonkin event to take place, but they best make sure they have backing of several countries, as Russia and China sure look like a worthy adversary. Have your popcorn ready sports fans!

Link to video:

(1924) 2022.06.28 The Sitzkrieg We’re In - YouTube

Take Care, Lance

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