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Dear Jim: Two Comments on: Taxes appear to be voluntary.

Comment #1: Why the inferred claims on your otherwise wonderful website that federal taxes are anything but voluntary.  "trade" in one of 50 nation-states is not "federal" unless one contracts with them tacitly.  

Please - consider common-law alternatives for your subscribers other than Jeff's woo-woo mystic out of body prognostications - which I am not poo-pooing btw. [Weiss & Associates]

I have successfully used their services, and my own intuition/research, in federal tax court, along with private trusts for property interests to secure my rights, labor property and real/tangible property interests.  Enough so that they leave me alone - for the most part. Of course - they still try and get me to contract with them from time to time.  Silly Rab-id's!

Jeff appears to not know that there often appears a practical side to everything - no out of body experience needed.  :-)

It's all fun-e

All my best,

Jim Bumbledare

Comment #2:

Btw... I might be a Stock Market, Metals, BitCoin, Prepping accolade.

However, my background is that of a Jim Costa Mini-Me and family/bidness owner/retiree charcter-mystic of   IT, Construction, L(and)A(ir)W(ater) and nutrition nerd.

Jeff is good egg.   I do like him - just not on taxes.

Jim B.

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