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Dear Jim: Trump Triples Down On The Vax.

I can’t understand why Trump is saying that vaccines are safe and pushing the vax with Candace Owens. Is he on our side or is the beginning to deceit us?     Judy

Response #1: Hi Judy. That's a great question.

The vaccines are safe. I thought you believed me and that is why you are taking your Vax pills daily. Isn't that right? You are taking them aren't you?

I have been taking mine for six months. Betty and I feel safe going out and about, even without a mask on. Even my Pharmacist Daughter-In-Law is taking her Vax daily. Response #2: Allow me to paraphrase here a little.

I took a math class called Discrete Math. It was required for programmers.

The first night I learned a life lesson.

The instructor said the course was for programmers to mimic reality such as a program predicting a hurricane path.

He then said we could skip the class and get a $300 refund if we could get at least one correct answer to the following questions:

1. If A=1, B=2, .... Z=26, how many letters are in the alphabet?

2. How many doughnuts in a box of a dozen?

3. Where were the first French Fries fried?

I took the course. (I eventually figured out that "Discrete" math is a math that hides it's answers well.)

He said he was from Cameroon, South Africa and his alphabet has only 24 characters in it. The Chinese have almost 4,000 letters. He said "Before you hard wire a program to mimic reality, you had better know there is more than just your interpretation of reality out there."


1. Depends.

2. Ever heard of a Baker's Dozen, 13?

3. In grease of course!

Response #3: You need to listen to Clif High from last night. I know it's Christmas Eve so I won't play games with those who have not heard it yet. When Trump was president he got Covid and took Hydroxychloroquine and later said he is taking it daily as a preventative. That is a Vaccination. For those thinking he is causing others to endanger their lives by following his lead and taking the poison Vax because he wasn't clear in his statements, remember this.

He does not control the press. When he took HCQL they ridiculed him. They ridiculed Ivermectine. So if he was clear now they again would ridicule him again. Then too, if he did say HCQL this week, would it cause anyone (Vaxers and Non-Vaxers) to change their minds about getting the poison shot? Probably not a single person. At this time you need to hear Clif High for his defense of what Trump is saying and why he is doing it like he is. Clif's Link ( He starts out with the Trump defense)

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