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  • Jim Costa

Dear Jim: today's status

From the studies and blog I conclude the following:

  1. The United States of America (republic) was broke after civil war

  2. The Vatican and Pope were the only ones to lend a new Republic money

  3. Pope would not lend money to Republic, but only to a corporation

  4. The corporation “United States of America Inc” or similar was incorporated overseas.

  5. Pope lent money to Unites States of America Inc and then the corporation forwarded it to United States of America (republic) government

  6. Since the civil war Congress, has been using the authority of the United States of America corporation to pass laws that The United States of America (republic)re otherwise could not validly pass because of limitations in the Constitution (someone allowed this!)

  7. As every decade passed, the laws that were passed in America (republic) drifted further and further from the original intent of the Constitution ‘s. America moved away from the republic form of government towards a democracy at best as both authorities (constitution and corporations) were relied upon to pass laws.

  8. 1913 United States congress passed the federal reserve act using authority of US of America Inc. on Christmas eve. (Constitution does not provide for money except metals backed)

  9. Administrative law was thrown into the pie also, for instance Income Tax Laws were entrusted to administrative Income Tax courts. One reason may have been because the federal reserve issued money (Federal Reserve Notes) were not allowed under the Constitution.

  10. Congress has been operating using the authority of 2 documents since the end of the civil war??? (republic’s Constitution and the Corporation’s by-laws).

  11. 1933 gold confiscation This was the moment the US Treasury defaulted to the Federal Reserve. Read the Executive Order 6102. Note where the gold was given and what treasury’s role was. All gold went to the Fed. Treasury got the bill, logistics and enforcement, no gold

  12. 1947 income tax law states: There will no tax on personal service income. This sentence was left out of the 1959 Amended 1954 IRS code and has never been changed by the US Congress.

  13. A few years ago, in two separate laws about a year apart, Congress said that all deposits in commercial banks were to be treated as unsecured assets of the banks. A year later Congress changed the bankruptcy laws and said that if a commercial bank went bankrupt that the first debts to be paid were the derivatives.

  14. Trump is said to of dissolved the United States of America Inc about 16 months ago. The only thing left is the Constitution (Constitution never left us, it is only remaining law of land) Congress perverted it by operating under two documents)

  15. By dissolving the United States of America Inc. does that invalidate all laws and regulations that used the corporations authority and by laws to make laws here in the US???? Trump signed 2 Exec Orders. 12/2017 Human rights abuses: 3rd definition of human right abuse “any corrupt act by a government official, elected or appointed! People came out of woodwork wanting to tell because they were ordered to do…Late Feb/early March 2018 Trump Exec Order – Amnesty – if you were ordered to do act and your job was held over your head and you come forward- tell us before 12/31/2018 you get amnesty.

  16. Trump gave the military the signed insurrection act , 190,000+ sealed indictments and DNI report sometime after Jan 6, 2021.

  17. Only contract between the citizens of the United States of America (republic) and the military that is left is the Constitution. Are administrative laws void because the documents they used to create them is no longer valid?

  18. Congress was not able to pass extended debt limit because the United States of America Inc is no longer in existence. Congress just may not have the power to increase the now invalidated debt limit. Powers granted under Constitution deemed the Federal Reserve notes invalid???

  19. So, does The United States of America (republic) need to return to Constitution, Answer: NO – It’s the only remaining document.

  20. As of the dissolution date of the corporation, The United States of America (republic) is back to the Constitution at the end of the civil war (possibly amendments after that are valid?)

  21. When citizens of America wake up and the above is validated as true, that will be the day indeed of the Great Awakening. Is the day that the federal reserve dollars become worthless !!!!

  22. All in my humble opinion. Jack

Response: Thanks Jack, Restatements are always good.

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