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Dear Jim: Today's [Israel History] Rant

Jim, I do not doubt you have spent a lot of time on this piece. Just a word here...I am 87 years old and was just a little boy when the war broke out. As a young man and father I knew one who had the tattoo number on her and I knew personally Corrie Ten Boom (a well known author) who was a Dutch prisoner who suffered in one of those camps and who lost her sister and father in one of those camps.

The Jews are an ancient people and their history is not necessarily good...but a people none-the-less who time and time again lost their me a separation has to be made between them and the "the ruling class families" that you emphasize that hide behind the name Jew as you try to state. I sense when you write on this subject you have a bias that does not express exactly what you are trying to say. This whole mess is what it has always been down through the ages...hate and to be hated is the means that the upper ruling class uses to gain and keep power. Here is where one has to know within themselves what is going on. Good and Evil is never good but when it is lived under always produces evil.

You do a good job and I know you will find what you are looking for.

Curtis W.

Response: Thanks for your input Curtis.

I try not to have a bias in my writing. I personally believe that we all have both good and evil within us. I also believe that a lot of information given to me, or I was lead to locate during my life, has been channeled somehow from the ether. Therefore, this "gift" is not intended for me. It is intended for humanity.

Accordingly, if I am asked to relay a message, it must be done without my twist or overlay of my thoughts or feelings on the matter, such as "the information is either good or bad". It is just information and I am just the messenger.

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