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Dear Jim: This and That Links (from Jeff).

No discernment needed for PCR recall articles... ---------------------------------------------- CDC website - Lab Alert: Changes to CDC RT-PCR: ---------------------------------------------------- FDA website - Innova Recalls Unauthorized SARS-CoV-2 Rapid Test (probably not the PCR test): ------------------------------------------------------ Premeditated! The FDA announced in Oct 2020 that the C-19 Vax led to severe adverse events. They presented a Vax safety slideshow in a video but only flashed slide #17 for a VERY SHORT fraction of second. This is a 9 second clip from the original 9 hour video. Suggest slowing down playback to 0.25x, focus on the 4 sec mark, then hit pause to read.

Above clip is real. Original 9 hour video from the FDA's YT Channel. Go to the 2:33:40 mark and use 0.25x playback speed to see the flashed slide. You can download the slideshow and read slide 17 all day long: Another similar FDA slideshow - see slide #31: ----- A couple summary articles: --------------------------------------------- Jaco corroborates Roy Potter - get ready NOW. Includes reference to Potter. Something is about to pop warns top military officers: --------------------------------------------------- Dead celebrity posted Whiplash347 was a pedo:

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